What is the Selection Process?

(A) Initial Screening (From the Date of Application)

Employers begin by reviewing all applications through Switch Idea portal. Student's application is carefully evaluated to determine how well his/her current course and background fit with the position, both in terms of how his/her goals match with the company and how company's internship program benefit the student.

Key Evaluation elements:

1. NTAT Score of the candidate
2. Cover Letter / Application Form (sent while applying to Internship)
3. Availability Dates of the Student
4. Resume


Initial screening results either in an email from Switch Idea requesting that student should contact us to schedule a telephone interview with the employer or an email notifying student that he/she is no longer under consideration. This email also contains the Reason of Rejection (RoR) shared by the Employer. 


(B) Intermediate Screening (During the Second Week from Date of Application)

Employer may choose to call some of your college faculties as references for additional information regarding the student(s).


(C) Final Screening - Telephone Interaction or On-Site Interaction (During the third or fourth week from Date of Application)

Telephonic Interaction: As per mutual agreement, Switch Idea will regulate teleconference for selected students. These calls usually last approximately 40-50 minutes. Employers try to keep this process standardized for all the students. While students will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview, they will also be invited to follow up with the employer after the interview.


On-site Interaction: In recognition that not all students will be able to do a telephonic conference, we organize an on-site interview at the Employer's workplace. The timings and dates are mutually agreed by the Student and Employer.

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