What are benefits of giving NTAT?

At Switch Idea, we democratize internships based on your strengths and not based on:


  • Your College/Institute Reputation

  • Your Academic Score/CGPA

  • Your Attendance

  • Your References, etc

This means, you don’t have to rely on above factors for getting internships when your skills can do the talking. With NTAT certification, the deserving ones always get preference over personal references.

The 90 min test is designed to give you an understanding of what employers expect you to know before joining them and the projects that you would be best suited to. The exam gives you a NTAT Score that puts you on the list when HR searches for your skill set / keywords. Our Linkedin type algorithms also tells you when and which company saw your profile. NTAT Certified candidates also receive weekly/monthly tailored suggestions of projects and companies to meet individual student needs.

In addition to this, following are the premium benefits only NTAT certified students can avail:

NTAT Certified Badge

If you are writing NTAT, you will be able to receive NTAT certified badge.

This badge will appear next to your name in the search results when employers search for candidates using our database. The badge also verifies that you have cleared the exam successfully and submitted all the required documents like self attested resume, college association, proof of address, etc at the examination centre.

Recommendation Letters

NTAT certified students are referred and recommended to the HRs not only through our online platform, but also endorsed through offline channels. This not only gives you an edge over other non-NTAT certified students applying for same position/company, but also increases your chances of getting internship when you don’t have any prior experience.


Priority Applications


Another important advantage you should know about getting NTAT certified is that it will put you as a priority applicant. That means, it will prioritize your application in the chronology of other applications shown to the HR in their dashboard. By this, you will have 50% more chances of your profile being visited or your resume being opened by employers. Moreover, you’ll be immediately notified when and who saw your profile or downloaded your resume. Plus, you'll also come to know which position they are presently looking to fill in?


Free Switch Idea Account


If you have appeared for NTAT, then you also get a free Switch Idea Account. You will get a free account as per the NTAT module that you have selected while registering for the exam. You can get a free account for 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years.


Dedicated Support


One of the best benefits that all NTAT certified students receive is dedicated support. As a NTAT certified candidate, you get complete internship assistance anytime, anywhere. You can get personalized pre-internship and post-internship assistance from our team. If you need any help, you can always call our national internship helpline and ask all the questions you have so you can resolve your doubts/queries.

NTAT Score is accepted by all CII approved companies, registered on Switch Idea and the HRD Ministry has programs to encourage all students to take advantage of internships.

True But Bitter Fact: More than 60% of the engineers graduating every year remain unemployed in India.

How do we solve this?

By bridging the industry-academia gap, one city at a time!

Historically, employers were able to hire interns by posting internships on internship portals, then wait for students to apply, invite these candidates for interview, and then make a decision to select or not. Unlike these one-sided portals, we at Switch Idea, we have always allowed employers to use certain filters to draw students to their internship listings, but now approved employers can search through student profiles across over 3,400 colleges, by simply clicking on “Show Matching Candidates” and filter students by domains, computer skills, availability, and more. For example, employers can search “Bangalore-based VTU student, who knows HTML and has a 50+ NTAT score, who is available between 1st of March and 31st of May,” and immediately see candidates who fit the bill.


Trust us, you won't find another platform that can do that!


This “Show Matching Candidates” function allows companies to purposefully and effectively dive into Switchidea’s student base, comprised of over thousands of verified college students, 72% of which account for under-graduates. Once an employer sees a student’s profile that they are interested in, they can invite them to apply (specifically, those students who have eye-catching ‘profile titles’, which is currently over 80% of users).


On the other hand, we have “Auto Suggest Internships” for NTAT-certified students, which is a one-click option to get all the internships matching your preferences.


In short, NTAT addresses employers prior inability to efficiently search and target diverse student applicants, making Switchidea the most effective tool for both sides of the search equation.


On the student side, Switchidea has always allowed students to create a robust and searchable version of themselves using our single-page profile. Through these profiles, hundreds of thousands of NTAT-certified profiles often show up at the top of search results. In the past, students have updated their profiles in case an employer were to find them on Google. Now, students are incentivised to update their profiles and add NTAT certificate to Linkedin so that they can be found and approached by a curated list of thousands of employers who want to discuss internship opportunities.


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