Is NTAT Worth giving?

Yes, it is as good as you want it to be! Especially if you do not have any prior industry exposure during your graduation. 

Every year, Switch Idea conducts National Talent Acquisition Test (NTAT) to screen the aptitude and technical skills of students. Since the candidate’s identity is manually verified at the examination center, companies who hire NTAT certified interns are assured of candidate’s identity, college associations, degrees they are pursuing and their domain skills. By this we help employers get pre-screened and qualified interns for their projects.

Please keep in mind, the decision to select an intern depends solely on company offering the internship and our placement team does not interfere with any internal hiring policies of the recruiting company. The type of internship that you might get is completely dependent on your NTAT score. It also depends on the company requirements, your availability and how well you fit there. After the results are announced, you apply for verified internships through the Switchidea portal. If your NTAT score is above average, you get shortlisted for many good internships.


The whole procedure is crystal clear. You don't have to worry about Switch Idea running away with your money.


As far the stipend offered by companies is concerned, you don’t have to worry about it either since we have strict Verification Policies for all companies looking to hire interns through our platform. Moreover, every internship project offered to NTAT certified student comes with a guaranteed monthly stipend ranging between 5000 INR – 15,000+ INR, along with other assured deliverables and perks.


Out of all the benefits of writing NTAT, below are few advantages of getting NTAT certified and how it concisely helps you while you’re still at college:


  1. NTAT is India's first & only exam for verified internships that helps candidates to showcase their skills in an up-to-date manner (as claimed on resume).

  2. To get a single point of access to all internship projects (throughout the year)

  3. Verifies to employers that you’ve effectively validated your skills for their project requirements

  4. Keeps you valuable and marketable in the event of a placement drives, recruitment fairs, direct interviews, etc.

  5. Promotes your CV and separates you from peers (read Comparison b/w NTAT certified and non-NTAT certified students)

  6. Raises HR’s confidence level when they know you’ve a proven ability to handle the assigned work, with minimum induction/training efforts required.

  7. To boost your profile on Linkedin and enhance your professional network

  8. To get early insights on what companies expect you to know before joining them

  9. To demonstrate your extra curricular initiative when NTAT certifying is not mandatory in your course.

  10. See all benefits

​Note, we collaborate with more tha1800+ approved employers of all shapes and sizes across major Indian cities to help students discover domain specific projects and apply to internships in these companies.

In case you have more questions regarding NTAT or Switch Idea, please read our downloadable Internship Handbook.

Additional Note: NTAT takes place every year at a new city. Students who miss their chance to appear for the exam this year at their residing-city, need to register again and travel to a new city for upcoming NTAT. Don’t be misguided by any information about NTAT exam, question papers, job guarantees, etc coming from an unauthorised source other than The Switchidea or NTAT website is easy to navigate and explore. Several myths surround this exam and cause some students to miss out on valuable opportunity to get industry exposure. Don’t get misled by any such information.

If you have any questions or need more information, always feel free to drop in your questions to or call us directly on national internship helpline +91-9555141142 (Mon-Fri / 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM).

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