How many internships I can do after giving NTAT?

Multiple internships always enable “disadvantaged” students (i.e. low CGPAs) to catch up and compete with peers. After graduation, you don’t want to find yourself in the interview waiting area sitting next to a person from a more elite college with more CGPA, four internships with tech companies, and leadership experience with several campus committees. Your academic accomplishments are important, but you have to bring something else to the table to stay competitive at such situations.


Though there is no practical limitation on how many internships you can do, since that depends entirely on the free time at your hand. At Switch Idea, we have NTAT certified students who went to an extent of doing three to four internships during their course. In nutshell, the more internships you have the more prepared you will be to make an informed decision about your career sector. You will also feel an increased sense of responsibility personally and professionally.

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