Does NTAT Certification add weightage to my resume?

An important dimension of our work at Switch Idea is to raise the bar for NTAT-certified students and their achievement, which opens up to new internship opportunities, summer projects and industry knowledge at any stage during their under-graduation and post-graduation.


A student with NTAT certificate is naturally implied to have better professional skills and is preferred by employers over someone who does not have the certificate. Since the identity of every student appearing for NTAT examination is manually verified at the examination center, companies are assured of a NTAT certified candidate’s identity, college associations, degrees they are pursuing and their domain skills. That means a NTAT certified LinkedIn profile boasts of a verified and qualified student whom employers are more likely to hire.


If your NTAT score is above average, then you may choose to add it to your resume. If it is below average (i.e. less than 30), you may simply choose to mention “NTAT Certified” followed by the year and name of the city where you gave your test. Please keep in mind, your score can be validated by any HR using our public repository, before, during or after the selection.


To take more advantage, it is highly recommended that you add your NTAT certificate to your Linkedin profile. With LinkedIn, we are now able to give students the opportunity to easily update their online professional profiles to acknowledge their NTAT accomplishment.

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